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What is Global Hack Week Social Good?

Global Hack Week is a week-long hacker festival. At Global Hack Week: Social Good Week, we will be building hacks for the social causes you care about! Join us to help make the world a better place. You can expect to attend workshops and participate in fun activities to help you develop your skills.

We'll have challenges, live technical sessions with MLHers, mini-events galore, and some cool content from our partners! Here’s a sneak peek:

At each Global Hack Week, you can:

⭐ Watch live technical streams

⭐ Participate in skill-building workshops

⭐ Join us for fun activities

⭐ Enter and win swag in raffles


Can I get swag at this event?

Yes, of course! Each Global Hack Week will feature some amazing 2023 Hackathon Season swag…you’ll have to participate to find out exactly what you’re getting! 

What is a Guild? How can I be a part of it?

One of the best parts of our community is that it allows people to meet and make connections with others, regardless of where you live. guilds are smaller communities within Major League Hacking. Whether you come in with a guild or not, you won’t be hacking alone.

Who organized Global Hack Week?

Global Hack Week is organized by Major League Hacking (MLH). It is our mission to empower hackers worldwide by providing them with the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to succeed. 


Your challenge submission must be completed within the submission period.

When relevent, your code must be available in some sort of public repository. 

If you're continuing work on an old project, you MUST specify in your Devpost what was worked on 1) Before this day of Global Hack Week and 2) During this day of Global Hack Week.  



Hackathon Sponsors


Set up a Website

Set up a website with a custom GoDaddy Registry domain name! Share your website at

Make an app to Organize Communities

"Social good requires organizing. Make an app to organize communities around shared goals using Velo and Wix Editor or EditorX.

Learn how to get started with Velo here: Share your project on "

Drive action with Data

Social good requires awareness. Make an app that combines a Velo powered website with 3rd party APIs that provide data about our world and how it affects us. For example a website that shows CO2 pollution per capita by region, or anything else where you think data can drive action.

Learn how to connect Velo to third party APIs here: Share your hack with us on

Build software to help a nonprofit

Create any hack that could help out a non profit or support a cause you care about! Ideas include a volunteer scheduling portal, calendar webiste for upcoming events, or chat platform to find other folks who care about the same issues as you.

Creating an Instagram Filter for Social Good

Create an instagram filter that supports a social cause you care about. Share it with us on our Daily Devpost

Help Someone Learn

Create something to teach someone else something. It could be a video or live tutorial, a slide deck, an infographic, or anything else you can think of. Teach us on our Day 1 Devpost.

Track Carbon Footprints

Later in the week, we'll challenge you to help reduce carbon footprints. Today, we want you to create a program that simply tracks a users carbon footprint to allow them to understand more deeply the impacts they are making.

Build a hack to track or reduce food waste

About 1/3 of the world's food goes to waste. Create a hack to help reduce this in any way you'd like. Submit on our Daily Devpost.

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    Global Hack Week: Social Good is a week is dedicated to making the world a better place through hacks!

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